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The weather may be gloomy this weekend, but nothing can ruin my first Mother’s Day! I am so excited to spend the day with my family. The cool thing is that I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday so it’s been a fun filled week. Spending Sunday with my boys will just be icing on the cake. Let’s hope that warm days will be here again because I can’t wait to start wearing my new spring clothes. I have been posting a lot of stories about my favorite trends this season, so check them out. In the meantime, here are my Weekly Finds where I share what links I discovered this week. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to wish your mom, grandma, or an important woman in your life a happy Mother’s Day!


DRESSING UP:  It’s wedding season! You are going to want to make sure you are ready by choosing the most stylish ensembles. To get inspired, this Vogue article has several different outfits for any type of wedding. Remember, you don’t want to take the focus away from the bride, but you always want to leave an impression.


MOTHER’S DAY:  You want to make sure you get something that your mom actually wants, right?  Then listen to what these moms have to say about what they do and don’t want.  Also, check out my gift guide from this week. Your mom will definitely be happy with what’s on this list.


ENTERTAIN HER: Speaking of Mother’s Day, revisit some stories of mine from the past to see the best brunch spots and fun activities to do with mom.


NEW NORMAL:  Having kids changes everything, and I mean everything!  Hear from this woman about what it’s like to live with children and how she’s dealt with the good, bad, and in between days.


BOOK CLUB: This is a fun website that I stumbled upon. The Book Seer takes the last book you’ve read and tells you what you should read next.


SHOP LIKE AN EXPERT: Do you ever get overwhelmed while shopping at flea markets? I sure do! There are always so many options and it can be hard to see it all. This article gives you tips on tackling flea markets like a pro.


Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds


The sun is shinning, it’s finally warm out, and I am planning on spending the weekend outside with my family.  Life is good.  I’ve been really busy lately, and I am looking forward to having a couple of days off from the weekly schedule.  Let me tell you, kids’ activities are time consuming and my son isn’t even a year old yet!  Over the weekend, it’s less about making sure my son is on the perfect schedule and more about having fun.  With the weather getting nicer, there will be so much more we can do outside.  I’d love to hear from my mom readers out there.  What do you like to do with your kids on the weekends?  Speaking about motherhood and activities, I have a lot less time for me.  However, in the evenings, when Cooper is asleep, I get more time for myself.  I spend a lot of it on my computer reacquainting myself with the outside world.  So, without further ado, let’s talk about the links I discovered this week.  Have a great weekend and drop by again soon for what’s new on the blog.


INSPIRATION: A Sparkle Factor’s spring style has been on fire and I’m obsessed lately.  I love everything she has been wearing.  This post for instance takes two trends I want to try: fringe and off the shoulder, and the results are fabulous.


GOOD EATS: I may not go out to dinner as often as I would like but, when I do, I want to make sure it’s great.  There are no guarantees in life, but when you go to a David Chang restaurant, you know you’re in good hands.  Have any of you tried his new restaurant, Momofuku Nishi?  It’s high on my list and I can’t wait to try it.


BOOK CLUB:  Bad news, hockey playoffs have started. This means about two months of my husband monopolizing the TV.  It’s actually a good thing because there has been nothing on that interests me.  After reading Vogue’s list of favorite books for spring, I have decided to make reading my new nightly activity.


SPRING FLOWERS:  I’ve always wanted to be the kind of woman who has fresh flowers in her home.  I buy them and throw them in a vase, but it never looks great.  Then they die so fast, it just doesn’t seem worth it.  I have decided to seek out some help. Hopefully Lauren Conrad can teach me the right tricks to a beautiful floral arrangement.


HASHTAG GOALS: Now that I am a mom, I want more than ever to become a good baker.  My mom is one of the best and it’s something I want to be able to perfect.  I love this funfetti cookie recipe from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I plan on trying them this weekend and I hope that it’ll make me a hit at my next play date.


PIN OF THE WEEK:  I am always looking for a new podcast to listen to and this list from The Style Sprinter of the best fashion and beauty podcasts out there is exactly what I need!  Check it out and hopefully it’ll speak to you.


Weekly Finds

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I want to thank my readers out there because Eat.Shop.Live.NYC had an incredible summer and it’s all because of you!  As we leave August behind and jump into our Anniversary month, I am really excited for what’s to come.  Please leave a comment below to tell me what your favorite articles have been, what you’d like to see more of, or just to say hi!

I cannot believe that it’s already Labor Day Weekend!  Do you have fun plans for the weekend? Where has the summer gone?  I, for one, am taking it easy because I have a busy month ahead.  In case you missed my announcement, starting Saturday I will be collaborating with BattleShop by hosting a Fall Essentials Fantasy League.  So click here to join in on the game!  But, first things first, for this edition of Weekly Finds, I have some interesting and fun things to share with you.  I hope you find them helpful and inspirational.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend and enjoy what’s left of summer!

I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU: ‘Friends’ famous Central Perk has opened as a pop-up coffee shop in Manhattan.  Will you go for a large bowl of coffee?

DINING OUT: With a new season comes a new batch of restaurants in NYC.  Check out this list and tell us which one you want to try.

RED CARPET:  I love award shows and my favorite part is always the red carpet.  Here is a list of best dressed from the Emmys that I totally agree with.  Who had your favorite look?

SHOP-AHOLIC:  Want to shop the Labor Day sales?  Head over to A Sparkle Factor, Stephanie has the scoop!

BEAUTY INSPIRATION: This two-toned lip is a beauty look I am very intrigued about. Would you try it?

WEEKEND FUN: It’s the last weekend of summer so let’s make it count. Go to a park and host a picnic in the city. I hope this article from Verily Magazine inspires you.


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Weekly Finds


TGIF!  Can you believe it’s Friday already?  I spent the majority of this week at a desk with my eyes fixated on my computer screen.  Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot of rewarding work done, and I enjoyed every moment of it.  But it is nice to put the laptop down, move away from the desk, and get outside for a different kind of research.  That’s my plan for the weekend: to pick an area of New York City and explore it.   Let me know where you want me to go in the comments below!  This weekend is the first of the summer where I don’t have any commitments.  I cannot wait to enjoy some much-needed down time with my husband and puppy.  We will be enjoying great food starting with lunch at Le Bernadin, shopping at a few funky street fairs, and reading in Central Park.  I cannot wait!  Enjoy my weekly finds and share with us in the comments below the things you found online that were interesting to you.

Happy Weekend!

DIY: I love having flowers in my house 24/7 but they always die so fast.  I would love to try to make these pretty felt peonies.

I’M SO EXCITED:  Did you know that there is a podcast out there where the hosts watch and analyze an episode of Saved by the Bell?  Well it’s out there and it’s awesome!

SHOPPING ADDICT:  While researching for a post I stumbled onto Zara’s website and discovered that everything, and I mean everything, is on sale.  It’s definitely worth a drop by!

PERFECT HAIR:  My mornings are often very busy and I am always rushing to the subway to get to work.  That is why this article, overnight hair tips, is just what I need.

FITNESS: It’s bikini season so a flat belly is a must!

PIN OF THE WEEK:  I’ve started to plan for my Fourth of July party, this recipe sounds like the perfect bite.

ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE:  I’m always looking for new ways to keep my closet neat and tidy and this video has a lot of useful tips.

SO CHIC: I love wearing scarves in the summer and no one ties it better than the French.

BEAUTY TIPS: Loving this list of Best Summer Beauty Products, I see so much that I want to try out!

ICYMI: Lupita Nyong’o’s first Vogue cover is finally here, and it’s gorgeous!  Seriously, how did it take them this long to feature her?

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