3 Ways To Wear A Turtleneck

Turtlenecks will never go out of style. In fact, now that fashion trends are taking a book out of the 70’s, turtlenecks are having a major moment. I, for one, am not in love with the 70’s trend. Yes I’m the one, but I am a lover of this sweater because of how practical it is and for its effortlessly chic style. Now that it’s February, a turtleneck is a very necessary item to wear, but you don’t want to get bored with it. Mix it up by tucking one into a midi skirt or layer it underneath a sleeveless dress. No matter how you style it, one thing is for sure, the turtleneck is incredibly comfy and cozy thing to wear. Whether you’re wearing a chunky turtleneck to stay warm or a sleeveless mock for a more sophisticated look, there are many different styles out there to try. Below are three different outfits to show you how to wear the turtleneck to stay warm this winter.



Really, who doesn’t love a chunky turtleneck? It’s basically a fashionable blanket with sleeves. Who wouldn’t want to wear that around all day? With this outfit, I paired the turtleneck with a mini skirt. You don’t want to wear an oversized sweater with wide legged pants. Instead, a mini skirt provides structure and balance.

3 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck1.  Julie Vos – Link Bracelet | 2. Sole Society – Envelope Clutch | 3. J.Crew – Turtleneck | 4. Zara – Mini Draped Skirt | 5. Club Monaco – Hat | 6. Sam Edelman – Petty Bootie



I love wearing dresses and sometimes, during the cold months, they aren’t a very practical idea. However, thanks to this turtleneck style, you can wear a dress no matter how cold it is. Just make sure you pair it with tights so your legs stay nice and warm. Pair this turtleneck dress with a tote for the office or a clutch for happy hour. Either way, wear it with heels for a polished look.

3 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck 1. KT Collection – Teardrop Beaded Earrings | 2. Charles & Keith – Tote | 3. Dorothy Perkins – Turtleneck Dress | 4. Ann Taylor Loft – Infinity Scarf | 5. Vince Camuto – Pump



Speaking of wide legged pants, they are a great complement to a turtleneck. The best way to pull off this style is to choose a lighter weight sweater and tuck it into these pants. Remember, a sleek turtleneck works best for layering. By tucking in a lightweight turtleneck, you can elongate your neck and arms, which will be very flattering to your figure. In addition to pants, you can also tuck a turtleneck into a midi skirt or under a sleeveless dress. But this outfit is probably my favorite.

3 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck

1. Mango – Turtleneck | 2. Gigi New York – Carly Convertible Clutch | 3. Zara – Wide Cut Trousers | 4. KT Collection – Gold Chain Necklace | 5. Sole Society – Ink Suede Bootie


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Mixed Prints: Florals & Stripes

Florals and stripes are two very popular prints, especially during the spring and summer seasons.  I, for one, am a huge fan of stripes and I want to show you how exciting they can be when worn with floral prints.  I know that this concept can be overwhelming to some, but I am here to show you that there is nothing to be scared of.  There are plenty of understated and effortless ways to combine prints and I have put together three fabulous outfits that show you how!  Take a look and try them out.  Before you know it, you’ll think that florals and stripes go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Let’s start off slow with this first outfit.  For those of you who aren’t ready to make a big statement, I chose to make the floral print as the star and complement it with a striped accessory piece.  This way you can remove it and still look polished or wear it with pride.

Mixing Prints: Florals & Stripes 1. Juliet & Company – Forget Me Knot Earrings | 2. Vita Fede – Titan Bracelet | 3. Sole Society – Felicity Gladiator Sandal | 4. Mango – Cord Floral Dress | 5. Uniqlo – Navy Cardigan | 6. Rebecca Minkoff – Everywhere Canvas

Look number two is all about pulling off a feminine look with an edge.  Not only is this floral leather skirt edgy, but it is also cutout so the print won’t be too harsh when paired with a striped shirt.  Just because it’s warm out, doesn’t mean your leather favorites should be stored away.


1. BaubleBar – Crystal Hera Collar | 2. Club Monaco – Nicolette Skirt | 3. TopShop – Sleeveless Stripe Shirt | 4. Gigi New York – Jenn Bucket Bag | 5. Steve Madden – Nobel Bootie

For the final outfit, I chose a fun, summery look perfect for a day in the park or brunch with friends.  Out of all three, this one makes the biggest statement.  Make sure that whichever floral print you choose to pair with your stripe, there should be a common color linking them together.

Slide2 1. KT Collection – Ipanema Turquoise Earrings | 2. Asos – Clutch with Tassle | 3. J.Crew – Aquatic Floral Blouse | 4. Zara – Striped Shorts | 5. Madewell – Jean Jacket | 6. Vince Camuto – Vestata Mule

Would love to hear from you what your favorite outfit is in the comments below.  If you decide to tackle this mixed print look on your own, keep in mind that balance is key.  No matter what, keep and open mind and don’t forget that in fashion, there are no rules.

For even more options, check out my Florals & Stripes collection on Mavatar.  Happy shopping!

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Spring Shopping Wish List

We made it!  Tomorrow marks the official first day of spring!  Even though there is snow in the forecast here in NYC, I cannot wait for the season to arrive.  I am sick of wearing pants, boots, and puffy coats; it’s time for dresses, shorts, and flats.  It’s a very freeing time, and who doesn’t love all of the blooming flowers?  With a new season comes my favorite thing there is, shopping.  Has anyone else been finding new outfits for the warmer weather?  It can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many cute things out there.   I have been to all of my favorite shops and have rounded up for you what’s on my spring shopping wish list.  Take a look and share in the comments below what’s on your list!


Spring Shopping Wish List Spring Shopping Wish List Spring Shopping Wish List Spring Shopping Wish List

1. J.Crew – Sequin Floral Sweater | 2. Ann Taylor – Aztec Jacquard Shorts | 3. TopShop – Scallop Tee | 4. Sam Edelman – Lynn Espadrilles | 5. Zara – Striped Dress | 6. Jigsaw – Agate Placement Skirt | 7. Sole Society – Mallory T-Strap Heel | 8. Shinymix – Half The Fun Necklace | 9. Kate Spade NY – Lily Avenue Carrigan | 10. Anthropologie – Lace Front Maillot

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Spring 2015 Shoe Trends Part 3: Kitten Heels & Wedges

For the final day of our spring shoe trends week, I have not one, but two trends to talk about with you.  Even though these trends couldn’t be more night and day, they both are examples of how heels are changing this spring.  The first is the highly controversial kitten heel.  For those who want to add a little lift to your flats, you’ll be happy to know that they are back in-style.  People either love kitten heels or really hate them.  Fans of high heels think that they are pointless, whereas others like/love them because they are easier to move around in.   Speaking as a high heel girl, I really like kitten heels.   They turn an ordinary flat into a sexier style, and I can run around the city for hours wearing them.  Pair your kitten heels with skinny jeans, a midi skirt, or a flowy dress.  When you live in a city, your flats don’t last longer than a season, whereas kitten heels do.  Come on, give them a try!  They aren’t as bad as you think!


1. Zara – Studded Kitten Heel | 2. Sole Society – Tamra | 3. Kate Spade – Magel Snake Embossed Heel

The second and final trend is the wedge.  Like kitten heels, wedges are changing how heeled shoes are being designed.  The days of narrow high heels are becoming a thing of the past, and chunky, blockier heels are in.  In my opinion, wedges are extremely comfortable.   If you have trouble walking in high heels, wedges give you the lift as well as the extra support you may need.  Don’t be turned off by their clunky heel; feel confident that you can pull off this statement shoe.  Besides, once they are on your feet, they won’t look nearly as bulky as you think they will.  When you’re searching for that perfect wedge, choose earthy neutrals.  They will complement this season’s very popular wide-leg pants and romantic dresses.


1. J.Crew – Seville Wedge Espadrilles | 2. Vince Camuto – Margaret Wedge | 3. Michael Kors – Poesy Wedge Sandals

So that is it for our week of the shoe trends you should be wearing this spring!  Which ones will you be sporting?  Can’t wait to start putting style guides together featuring all of these fun styles. Stay tuned!

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Color Crash Course: Red & Pink

February is the month of love.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, I can’t help but be inspired by it.  Today’s style guide is made for those skeptical few who still hold onto fashion dos and don’ts.  Forget all you have ever heard about not wearing red and pink together; in reality they are the perfect pair.  The key is to keep the red true instead of a shade of maroon or berry.  Once you have your red piece, add any shade of pink from blush to fuchsia.  I don’t know why these colors have gotten such a bad rap because, when styled appropriately, they can make up the perfect modern and colorful outfit.  I’m not saying you should wear this on the 14th, but when you are comfortable making this big statement.  Check out these three outfits and find which one inspires you to rock this style.  Rules were meant to be broken and, since fashion is all about self-expression. There shouldn’t be rules to begin with!


Color Crash Course: Red & Pink1. Julie Vos –  Bali Bracelet | 2. Julie Vos –  Lion Stone Stud | 3. H&M – Drawstring Shoulder Bag | 4. Zara – Asymmetrical Skirt Jacquared Dress  | 5. Dorothy Perkins – Blush Trench Coat | 6. Vince Camuto – Elvine Bootie  

 Color Crash Course: Red & Pink

 1. BaubleBar – Crystal Garland Strand | 2. BaubleBar – Crystal Mason Ring | 3. Clare V. – Foldover Clutch | 4. TopShop – Pleated Wrap Kilt | 5. Madewell – Pullover Sweater | 6. Kate Spade – Yanni Heels 

 Color Crash Course: Red & Pink1. KT Collection – Long Chain Necklace | 2. Daniel Wellington – Classic Bristol Lady Watch | 3. Asos – Cross Body Bag | 4. J.Crew – Wool Pants | 5. Calvin Klein – Pleated Blouse | 6. Sole Society – Anneke Pump 

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Chic Outfits for Thanksgiving Day

It is almost hard to believe that Thanksgiving is a week away.  I, for one, could not be more excited.  Not only is it my favorite holiday, but it kicks off a fabulous month of holiday festivities.  Before Christmas madness begins, it’s a wonderful day to be with family and friends while eating mass amounts of stuffing and pumpkin pie.  This year, I will be heading to Washington DC to spend time with my husband’s family.  It’ll be nice to get out of the city for a couple of days and recharge the batteries.  As much as I enjoy being a guest, I look forward to the day when I get to be the hostess.  What about you; how will you be celebrating this year?

No matter what your plans are, you will need a warm, cozy, and stylish outfit to wear.  A lot of you may take the casual approach to the day.  After all, you may be cooking all day, playing football outside, or napping from a turkey coma.   I happen to love dressing up no matter what the vibe may be.  If you can’t wear a nice dress on a day of celebration then when can you?  I am sure you all have your preference for dressing up or down, which is why I have put together a few chic outfits that will be perfect for Thanksgiving Day.


Casual chic….

Thanksgiving Day Outfits

1. 525 America – Patchwork Turtleneck | 2. KT Collection – Ruby Marquise H0ok Earrings | 3. TopShop – Leigh Stretch Aubergine Jeans | 4. TopShop – Double-Breasted Heritage Cape | 5. Dolce Vita – Graham Boot

Dressing it up a bit….

Thanksgiving Day Outfits

1. Kate Spade – Square Stud Earrings | 2. Daniel Wellington – York Rose Gold Watch | 3. Mango – Flowy Pocket Blouse | 4. Tory Burch – Danielle Skirt (on sale) | 5. H&M – Cardigan | 6. Nine West – Leather Booties

Dressed up (perfect for meeting the parents)….

Thanksgiving Day Outfits

1. C.Wonder – Pave Oval Link Bracelet | 2. Sole Society – Crimson Cadena Heel | 3. COS – Dress with Tie Collar | 4. HumbleChic – Floating Diamond Multi-Stone Necklace | 5. Anthropologie – Earvin Square Scarf

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In Limbo Style

In the past, my summer wardrobe has been pretty simple. I am often drawn more to fall fashion.  When the heat gets too much for me, it’s rare to see me in anything other than a shift dress and flats.  This season, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and embraced a new combo: sweater and shorts.  I have found it difficult in the past to wear shorts and not feel sloppy.  But now that I’ve paired them with lightweight sweaters, I’ve been more confident sporting this summer staple.  You may be thinking that you’re done with your summer shopping.  The stores you love are clearing out their summer collections, so isn’t it time to think about your fall wardrobe?  That’s the great thing about this new style obsession of mine.   We are beginning to transition between summer and fall and, once shorts are a thing of the past, you can switch them out for a cute pair of jeans.  Even if you don’t think it’s possible to make this style dressy, a pair of pumps and flashy jewelry will change your mind.  I have put together two fabulous outfits that show how to effortlessly dress up and down your shorts and sweaters.  Enjoy and share with us in the comments below what were your favorite outfits this summer!


1. Svelte Metals – Lancaster Ring | 2. Stella and Dot – Renegade Cluster Bracelet | 3. MARC by Marc Jacobs – Aviator Sunglasses | 4. J.Crew – Waffle Beach Sweater | 5. Mango – Jacquard Shorts | 6. JustFab – Dignified Tote | 7. Sole Society – Caddie Sandal 


1. Loren Hope – Neon Yellow Blythe Necklace | 2. Loren Hope – Sophia Neon Yellow Studs | 3. Dior – Rouge Lipstick | 4. Sanctuary – Alexa Sweater Popover | 5. Zara – High Waist Shorts | 6. Asos – Whistles Croc Cross Body Bag |  7. Steve Madden – Daalton Pump

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