Currently Coveting: Colorful Jewels

Accessories are probably one of my favorite parts of putting together an outfit.  You can wear something really simple and jazz it up with accessories to make it shine.  When it comes to jewelry, I go through stages of what different styles I prefer to wear.  Some seasons I wear only delicate pieces, whereas the next season I am all about costume jewelry.  This summer, I am obsessed with the latter.  Large chunky colorful jewels are my go-to right now, and, I got to say, they are the perfect summer look.  For me, a little white dress is practically my summer uniform.  You will definitely make a splash pairing these colorful baubles with a LWD.   Unlike the winter, when it’s hot out, we tend to wear less clothing.  When it’s colder we pile on layers and costume jewelry can be too overwhelming.  Whereas when you wear less, your accessories can really stand out.  I have a lot of favorite jewelry brands this season.  One absolute favorite is Loren Hope.  I am in love with her vibrant colored jewels.  Other standouts are of course BaubleBar and a new favorite is Peyton Williams.  I have rounded up what I am really lusting after.  I may have a few of these items in my shopping cart as we speak.  I hope you find the jewel of your dreams here.



Currently Coveting: Colorful Jewels

Currently Coveting: Colorful Jewels



1. ShinyMix – Pretty Minty Necklace | 2. Loren Hope – Abba Earrings | 3. BaubleBar – Zoe Leather Collar Necklace | 4. Loren Hope – Luau Bracelet Rose | 5. Loren Hope – Luau Bracelet Green | 6. ShinyMix – Fancy Pancy Bracelet | 7. ShinyMix – Royal Flare Necklace | 8. Peyton William – Catalina Earrings | 9. Loren Hope – Sylvia Necklace Paradise Red | 10. Loren Hope – Small Sarra Cuff Iridescent | 11. Loren Hope – Small Sarra Cuff Hibiscus | 12. BaubleBar – Apollo Tassel Drops | 13. Peyton William – Demi Ring

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