Currently Coveting: Sleeveless Jacket

On one of my recent shopping excursions, I found a fabulous sleeveless jacket at Anthropologie. I have been aware of this trend for quite some time now but never really investigated it before until now. After purchasing my first ever sleeveless jacket, I can tell you that they aren’t as pointless as I thought they were. I mean, think about it. Why would you buy a jacket without sleeves? Isn’t it just a fancy vest? Maybe I was waiting to find the right one but now I feel as if my eyes have been opened to the styling possibilities of the sleeveless jacket. If you are looking for something to spice up your wardrobe, this is it. It can be worn over a skirt, jeans, or a dress, and it really brings a sleek fashionable element to your outfit. Experiment with the style by wearing different textures underneath and belting it for some structure. I think this is the perfect buy for spring because we’ll still be layering but it’s a lighter option for the warmer months. I really think this is a trend you should play around with for spring, and the following are some fabulous options to get you started.


Currently Coveting: Sleeveless Jacket  
Currently Coveting: Sleeveless Jacket  
Currently Coveting: Sleeveless Jacket







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