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The weather may be gloomy this weekend, but nothing can ruin my first Mother’s Day! I am so excited to spend the day with my family. The cool thing is that I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday so it’s been a fun filled week. Spending Sunday with my boys will just be icing on the cake. Let’s hope that warm days will be here again because I can’t wait to start wearing my new spring clothes. I have been posting a lot of stories about my favorite trends this season, so check them out. In the meantime, here are my Weekly Finds where I share what links I discovered this week. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to wish your mom, grandma, or an important woman in your life a happy Mother’s Day!


DRESSING UP:  It’s wedding season! You are going to want to make sure you are ready by choosing the most stylish ensembles. To get inspired, this Vogue article has several different outfits for any type of wedding. Remember, you don’t want to take the focus away from the bride, but you always want to leave an impression.


MOTHER’S DAY:  You want to make sure you get something that your mom actually wants, right?  Then listen to what these moms have to say about what they do and don’t want.  Also, check out my gift guide from this week. Your mom will definitely be happy with what’s on this list.


ENTERTAIN HER: Speaking of Mother’s Day, revisit some stories of mine from the past to see the best brunch spots and fun activities to do with mom.


NEW NORMAL:  Having kids changes everything, and I mean everything!  Hear from this woman about what it’s like to live with children and how she’s dealt with the good, bad, and in between days.


BOOK CLUB: This is a fun website that I stumbled upon. The Book Seer takes the last book you’ve read and tells you what you should read next.


SHOP LIKE AN EXPERT: Do you ever get overwhelmed while shopping at flea markets? I sure do! There are always so many options and it can be hard to see it all. This article gives you tips on tackling flea markets like a pro.


Weekly Finds



While brainstorming my upcoming weekend plans I discovered that there is snow coming our way!  I suppose I was naïve to think that we were out of the woods and on our way to spring; I was so wrong.  I am so over sweaters and wintery layers.  I have purchased so many things for spring, I want to start wearing them.  If you’re in the same boat as me, check out this post I did a little bit ago about wearing your spring purchases in winter.  My original plan this weekend was to go to the park with my family and take my son to the playground.  We’ve been cooped up for way too long and I am sick and tired of it.  Regardless of the weather, I still plan on making the most of the weekend.  On that note, I am bringing back an old favorite post today, Weekly Finds.  This is where I share with you all the links I discovered this week that inspired me in some way.  Taking care of a baby 24/7 makes it difficult to spend lots of time on the computer.  However, in order to keep the creative juices flowing, I need to make time for it.  I hope you all have a great weekend and check back next week for even more fashion inspiration.


ACTIVITIES FOR TOTS:  My favorite mom blogger, Love Taza, did a story this week recapping a build-your-own tree house model event.  While the event date has passed, I think it’s a great project to do with your kids and is easy to recreate at home.  So, while it’s snowing this weekend, get the kiddies together and see who can build the best tree house model.

DIY:  Easter is just around the corner and that means it’s decorating time.  Whether you have a small child or not, it’s fun to use your creativity to bring a holiday to life in your home.  This DIY project teaches you how to make your very own flower pressed eggs.  They are beautiful and it’s a project I can’t wait to try.

THE OSCARS OF FASHION:  This week, the CFDA nominations were announced.  Find out here which designers have been selected for the coveted fashion award and pick who you think should win.  While we wait eagerly for the majority of winners to be announced in June, certain winners have already been announced.

STARTING THEM YOUNG:  Now that I have a baby, I’m shopping for two.  As spring fashions are out, I am spending a lot of time looking for the perfect outfits for my stylish offspring.  Here are some adorable outfits to put in your shopping cart that are unique and fun for your little fashion miss or mister.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  For a year I have been coveting these Joie Kidmore Sneakers.  In fact, I have featured them several times on my blog, like here and here.  Now I am happy to say that I finally pulled the trigger and added them to my shoe collection.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK:  You know what they say about New York, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.  If you’re going to live in the city, you have to dress the part.  This article gives you the lowdown on how to dress like a New Yorker.




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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week


Usually every Friday I post my Weekly Finds and share with you stories and brands I have recently discovered.  However, I have decided to change things up a bit.  In case you’ve missed it, four wonderful months ago, I had a beautiful baby boy.  Cooper has changed my life for the better and, until today, I haven’t found a place for him and my role as a mother in this blog.  I have decided that from now on I am going to dedicate my Weekly Finds to mommy specific articles.  What I have discovered since I became pregnant is that you never feel more alone and stuck on a desert island.  But we moms aren’t alone, and it’s time I start connecting with my readers about what I am really going through on a day-to-day basis.  So without further ado, my little boy Cooper turned four months last weekend.  I cannot believe how fast time as flown by.  Everyday he is changing and growing more confident and independent.  It makes me so happy and yet so sad for the days where he just laid in my arms all day.  This week was a fun one; we had a few play dates and I actually got to have my very own date night with my husband.  I encourage all of you moms out there to do this as much as possible.  Spending time with your husband is key and It’s amazing how little of a priority it becomes.  In other news, the weather was beautiful in the city.  I can’t believe I was walking around yesterday in short sleeves.  I definitely did not let the nice weather go to waste, Cooper and I practically lived in Central Park.  I am looking forward to this weekend.  We have some plans but mostly I am looking forward to getting some time for myself.  Do any of you mothers out there struggle with wanting to leave the baby with your husband for some R&R and spending it all together?  There is a balance out there and I plan on finding it this weekend.  So, without further ado, here are the mommy links that I discovered out there. When it comes to being a mom, the Internet can be your worst enemy.  But when you are in need of some advice because you’re confused, scared, or just tired, it can be your best friend.


BRANDS I LOVE:  I have recently discovered the store Sweet William.  It is a bit on the pricey side but it has some beautiful clothes and toys.  Considering how messy kids are, this stuff can be extravagant.  But every now and then it’s fun to splurge on something special and unique.


DECISIONS, DECISIONS:  Are you a working or stay at home mom?  Let’s get one thing straight, either way you are working, it just looks different.  I am choosing to do a part time work situation.  Right now spending 70% at home and 30% at work.  This article really helped put my choice in perspective.  Just remember that sometimes we have a choice and sometimes we don’t, but no matter what, we need to respect each other.


PIN OF THE WEEK:  The way we talk to our children is key and this article breaks down exactly how important communication is for their development.  I particularly like the part where it says that parents think because they are bad at math they have no business teaching it to their kids.  I totally related to this.


FOODIE IN TRAINING:  Next month I will be starting Cooper on solid foods.  With most milestones, we feel inclined to study up on all of the pros, cons, strategies, and trendy methods.  I may not be one of those research heavy moms, but this is something I want to get right.  If you are in the same boat as me, hopefully this article will help.


BLOGGERS I LOVE:  For a while now I have been in an avid reader of the blog, Love Taza.   Naomi is a stylish mom living in Manhattan and raising her three kids.  I look up to her with awe and I will probably feature her weekly in this section.  Today’s post I am sharing with you is all about her experiences with the company Blue Apron.  I have heard a lot about them and I love how she is using it to keep her little one entertained.  Do you use Blue Apron?  Would love to hear what you think!


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Weekly Finds


Hello, Friday! Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I personally hope that the weather stays this lovely mixture of warm and cool. As of right now, I have no plans and I am trying to enjoy the peace and quiet before the baby arrives. I cannot believe that we’re almost at Memorial Day weekend! Time is flying by. There is still a lot to do before my little guy arrives and I need this weekend to get things organized and checked off my to-do list. The baby’s room is nowhere near organized and, because I am nesting, it is driving me crazy. While my husband plays golf, I will be enjoying some personal time with all of my guilty pleasure shows on the DVR. It may seem trivial, but it is exactly what I need to unwind. That’s pretty much it for us, laying low and enjoying every moment of it. Hope you all have a great weekend and check back in next week for some Memorial Day Weekend themed posts you don’t wan to miss. In the meantime, here are some links that I discovered this week that you should check out! Make sure you’re following Eat Shop Live NYC on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you aren’t already!

SAVE LIKE A FASHIONISTA: Even the most stylish women in the fashion industry like to save money when they can. Find out what fashion industry girls buy at Target.

IRIS: Last weekend I went to the documentary, Iris, about the legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel. She is a real spitfire who is not your typical fashion lover. If you can’t see it yet, hopefully this Vogue interview with Iris herself will tide you over.

TRAVEL IN STYLE: If you follow fashion bloggers on their site or Instagram, you see that they love to travel. This is an interesting piece on how style bloggers are changing the travel industry. Will this change how you travel?

TASTY DELIGHTS: I have always wanted to live in a world where it was acceptable to have afternoon tea with all of the trimmings. That is why these recipes for petit fours and Earl Grey Madeleines are right up my alley!

TIDY UP: When spring rolls around you change your wardrobe and clean out your closet, but what about your blog? This is a helpful article that shows even your blog needs a good spring-cleaning.

THE NEXT BIG THING: I can’t deny it anymore; Snapchat is here to stay and it’s time to get onboard. I consider myself social media savvy but it’s good to find these helpful tips on how to conquer Snapchat like a pro.

Happy weekend!!!

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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week

This weekend is all about spring shopping!  If you’ve been following the blog the last couple of weeks, you can tell I’m getting ready for the upcoming season.   I cannot wait to start showing off my favorite new purchases with you.  Other than giving my credit card a workout, I am very excited to actually enjoy the outdoors.  I have missed long walks in the park with my dog and I plan to get some quality nature time in this weekend.  That is, as much as I can in New York City.  What are your favorite spring activites in the city?  I’m always looking for new ways to have some fun!  In the meantime, catch up on what’s going on out there with these links I discovered.  Happy weekend!


STYLE ICON: I was thrilled when I saw that there was a new documentary about my favorite fashion icon, Iris Apfel.  Even better?  The filmmaker is none other than the late Albert Maysles who is best known for the documentary Grey Gardens.

FOR THE HOME:  I will be moving to a new apartment soon, and that means I get to redecorate.  This is one area of my life that I struggle with and I want that to end. Maybe this Refinery 29 article will help!

STREET STYLE:  Where do you find your style inspiration?  I find myself inspired by what others are wearing on the street.  What better way to get ideas but from the incredible fashion worn to Paris Fashion Week?

WORKING GIRL:  How to get ahead in business?  Whitney Port has the answers and we are all ears!

COOKING IN:  What better way to spend your time this weekend then making homemade pizza?  I may be new to cooking but these steps look easy enough.  How much fun will it will be to come up with your own toppings?

SWEATER WEATHER:  The weather may be warmer but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to wear layers.  I am a big fan of lightweight sweaters for spring and Visions of Vogue blogger’s outfit is just the inspiration I need!


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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week


Happy weekend!  Great news everyone: Weekly Finds is back!  Even though it’s only February, this year has been a whirlwind of excitement and chaos.  It’s nice to have my good ole reliable schedule back to normal and start doing what I love, blogging with you!  Thanks to President’s Day, we had a shorter week, but I spent most of it catching up on the fabulous collections walking down the runways at Fashion Week!  Stay tuned for next week’s recaps of what NYFW trends we’re excited about for next fall.  Other than fashion, a big priority this week was trying to stay warm!  I can handle snow but these freezing temperatures are making it really hard to leave the house.  This weekend, I have two annual events I look forward to all year.  Firstly, it’s my friend Jena’s birthday and she always celebrates in style.  I can’t wait to put on my dancing shoes and have some fun.   Secondly, the Oscars are this Sunday!  As you know, our movie reviewer Johnny loves films; did you see his Oscar picks this week?   But let’s face it, we only care about the clothes anyways!   I will of course have a red carpet best and worst dressed list so get excited for that.  I will be live-tweeting the Oscars’ red carpet and show so be sure to follow along here.   So, stay warm this weekend and hope these links inspire you!

TRAVEL EXPERT:  I’ve always stayed at hotels when traveling, but I am intrigued with Victoria McGinley’s idea of renting an apartment or home instead.

OSCAR FASHION:  Are these the Best Oscar Dresses of all time?  I may not agree 100% with these choices, but this article definitely has most of my favorites.  After Sunday, who do you think will be added to this list?

DECORATING:  Why keep your shoes hidden in your closet stacked up in boxes when you can display them for everyone see like this?

WINTER FUN:  Stuck indoors with nothing to do?  Check out Verily Magazine’s list of new hobbies to try before winter ends, which hopefully will be soon!

LET’S PARTY:  This article has great tips for throwing a killer Oscar party!  My only addition to this list would be to drink champagne!

FIGHT THE COLD:  When I moved to New York, I was given an ankle length coat, and it has been a lifesaver!  Style Caster has done it again with another fabulous selection of ankle length coats you should own.

JEWELRY OBSESSION:  Tassel earrings are my new favorite accessory and A Sparkle Factor thinks so too with this fabulous post.  They are colorful, dramatic, and fun.  Which one is your favorite pair?  Mine are the Oscar de la Renta’s!

DRINK UP:  I have unfortunately given up one of my first loves, coffee.  However, I am not crazy enough to give up chocolate too.  That’s why I was very happy to come across this recipe for Nutella Hot Chocolate on Dearest Darling’s blog!

Have a great weekend!!

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Weekly Finds

Links I Discovered This Week

This week flew by as fast as I thought it would.  December always seems like such a blur with a busy work schedule, end of the year to-do lists, and holiday shopping.  Speaking of which, this weekend I am devoting my time to crossing off all of the names on my holiday shopping list.  This year, my family and in-laws are all coming together for the holidays and that means there is a lot to get ready for.  Other than shopping, we’re planning to pick out our Christmas tree.  I love our Christmas decorating tradition where my husband and I make dinner, decorate the tree, and watch “A Christmas Story”.  Until then, it never really feels like Christmas.  I hope you all enjoyed my posts this week.  The stocking stuffer gift guide really inspired me for my shopping list and I hope it gave you some ideas as well.  Try to not stress out over the holidays.  When it’s all said and done, it’s all about spending time with one’s family, isn’t it?  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the links I discovered this week.


A NEW SIDE TO JULIA: We saw a whole new side of Julia Roberts this week when she was named the face of Givenchy’s Spring 2015 Campaign.  The advertisement featured a makeup free Roberts and, of course, she was beautiful.

SWEET TOOTH: This weekend, I am braving the cold and I am determined to get all of my holiday shopping done.  The one thing that can get me through it is a cup of hot chocolate.   Here is a list of the best spots to find the best hot chocolate in NYC.

HOLIDAY STYLE: When A Sparkle Factor posts a story about the best holiday shoes, you know there will be some fabulous sparkly options perfect for any holiday event!  I personally love the red pumps with the bow detail from Asos and the sparkly booties

KATE THE GREAT: The highly anticipated NYC Royal Tour has come and gone and it was fabulous.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wowed everyone, per usual, and Kate’s style was spot on.  Even though some hated that she recycled another evening gown, I really didn’t mind.

NYC FAVORITE: When William and Kate visited NYC this week, they stayed at the Carlyle Hotel.  It got me thinking of one of the most beautiful bars in the city, the Bemelmam’s  Bar located in the hotel.  It was named after the talented illustrator of the Madeline books and, even though, it has very expensive drinks, it has old New York charm.  Since it was on my mind, I was very happy to have come across this story on Victoria McGinley’s blog.  The images are stunning.

WINTER LIFE SAVOR: Now that we’ve had our first official snowfall, I realized I am seriously lacking a pair of winter boots.  By the end of the day, my toes are completely numb, so I’m hoping I’ll find a great pair from this list.

PIN OF THE WEEK: I may not know what I am doing for NYE yet, but this is exactly how I want to look for an evening of sparkles, champagne, and new beginnings!


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